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Contact me

There are a few ways to speak to me. You might want to start with these ways of contacting me to get securer means of conversing.

  • You can follow me on Twitter. Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.  
  • If your inquiry requires a bit more secrecy, you can message me on Telegram, or on Threema.
  • You can send an initial Signal message to +44 (0) 7869 086334 (not a number that works for any other function - please don't try to call it). The same number has a WhatsApp account, too - though that is less secure.
  • My public key for PGP is here.
  • My Keybase page is here.

There are options for more elevated levels of secrecy: if you get in touch by one of these methods and I can explain.

Email may, however, be easiest using the form below.