About this site

This website is primarily a portfolio: I make a living from writing about the world, and I have posted some of my bigger hits here. But I hope to write a bit more broadly here, too. And to blog, in the ur-sense of that word. I might organise some more substantial thoughts here into a newsletter, alongside smaller bits. You can sign up for whatever that becomes - and there's a privacy policy here.

I increasingly find social media an encumbrance, not a useful tool. I am hardly the first to note this, but it is a medium that you can increasingly only use for broadcast. It is pretty lousy now even as a source of basic intelligence. The noise now drowns a lot of the signal. I miss being able to basically think aloud on things.

This is a shame: ten years ago, when I was reporting on education, it used to be a smart way to canvass thoughtful school leaders. Twitter-using teachers were not representative, but you could find out how schools were filling in their benchmarking data returns and get intelligence on how things were going.

That, really, is the point of this bit of this site and a newsletter. To try to recover some of that space.

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